As I’ve discussed for years, we will see a systematic campaign against God’s law and His followers in the future.  Yes, even in America.  We are seeing that campaign come to fruition in this generation and in our own homeland.  The shining beacon on the hill.  The lighthouse on the shore.  The last bastion of liberty in the world which countless immigrants have warned us “you MUST protect and defend America at all costs!  There’s is nothing like her and there is nowhere else to go.”  Despite the pleas to keep and protect America and all her values and principles which made her exceptional, we have allowed it.  America, the Republic, has fallen.

The courts have ruled, unconstitutionally, that every state in the nation is now compelled to endorse and embrace that which has led to the destruction of every nation which embraced it as national policy — Homosexuality.

Christians are the target, as we were warned.  And historical precedence shows us a very predictable pattern and sequence when a specific group of people are targeted and oppressed:

1. Marginalization

2. Demonization

3. Criminalization

4. Incarceration

5. Extermination

We are hovering between phases 3 and 4 — Criminalization and Incarceration.  Yes, we’ve seen Christian persecution.  As destructive as it is, it is still ‘soft’ persecution when a wedding cake baker is fined six figures and forced out of business.  We haven’t seen tactical team raids and arrests of Christians and seizing of homes and property and prison sentences… yet.  But it is coming.  We haven’t seen churches stripped of their tax exempt status for non-compliance, and their doors closed, and their pastors arrested for ‘hate speech’… yet.  But it is coming.

We know that enough is never enough with the radical anti-American left, and especially with the (hi-jacked) civil rights militants with respect to the homosexual movement.  We also need to come to terms with the fact that this recent spiritual Pearl Harbor attack on America will have profound effects that we can only begin to fathom and list here.  Our nation, and world, is forever changed.

The machine that Christians, and especially pastors, had always thought unthinkable in America is now in motion.  The clergy in America has given a lackluster effort at resisting the militant homosexual agenda.  Why?  Because they’re exempt.  The lie that they chose to believe is that “you have the right to religious freedom if you are a pastor.” That is changing as groups increasingly call for so-called anti discrimination and anti-hate measures, even against the church — Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be SHUT DOWN for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage.

The next stage in the war against God will be a social, backed by state-sponsored, campaign to shore up the advancement of in-your-face, offensive, shocking, and we-dare-you-to-object campaigns.

A new wave of anti-discrimination and anti-hate laws will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead.  They will become increasingly bold, militant, confrontational, and provocative.  They will intentionally attend Christian, patriot, conservative events conducting themselves in ways intended to shock and evoke responses.  They will DARE you to say something — anything.  They will kiss, fondle, and demonstrate sexually suggestive ‘affection’ toward each other in front of your family.  In front of your children.  They will offend, and they will mean to offend.

They will go to a restaurant that they KNOW is a Christian-owned business, on a Sunday afternoon (when church gets out), and they will purposefully act in a way they know will be offensive to Christians.  The patrons will leave.  The owners, if they ask the offending ‘couple’ to leave or desist, are certain to face lawsuits for the ’emotional damage’ they will invariably have inflicted on the deviants.    What’s more, these ‘violations’ will see a transition from ‘civil’ lawsuits, to criminal cases.  As the ‘hate-crimes’ laws, vigorously enforced by  pro-homosexual federal prosecutors, are implemented, we will see a full shift to the next phase of the cycle of oppression, taking us from Criminalization to Incarceration.

Since the Homosexual movement has hijacked the civil rights banner and cause, we will see additional measures, such as ‘affirmative action’ and incentives for hiring a minimum amount of homosexuals.  At some point there will be a federal holiday celebrating the deviant’s liberation.  You will not be able to visit a store on or around the holiday where the sign of God’s covenant ( the rainbow) will not be prominently defiled and displayed, including in schools.

Your children will be completely desensitized and indoctrinated into the homosexual culture and encouraged to ‘explore’ to see if it’s right for them.  And if not, they will certainly be pressured to join in the celebration of their peers who are.  And you will have nothing to say about it.

Christian schools will increasingly face pressure to adopt state-approved, alternate family and alternate lifestyle curriculum, or face the prospects of losing their coveted state certification.

You will see the apostate church continue to expand, with ‘Gay Friendly’ churches ostensibly flying the banner of ‘we love everyone,’ instead of pastors doing their duty of protecting their congregations from the influences of the world.

And finally, we will see increased aggression from the homosexual community and the state will force compliance.  After all, homosexuality is now a ‘human right.’  And no one wants to be a human rights violator, filled with ‘hate.’   Now we even see Christians, making their case for Biblical truth, prefacing their arguments with disclaimers assuring their social media audiences that they’re not haters…. “no, really, I don’t hate.”  “I REALLY, REALLY don’t hate.”  “I’m not trying to be a hater, but…”

But the haters are those who hate God, His law, and His people.  And they aren’t the effeminate, weakling, girly-man ‘gays’.  They are the warrior class of homosexuals in powerful positions.  They are filled with rage and they aren’t even close to being done with their conquest.  Just read through their Homosexual Manifesto if you want to know what their true intentions and ambitions are.

This is consistent with the homosexual warrior class that inundated much of the NAZI regime in WWII, as revealed in several studies, such as the The Pink Swastika.  And increasingly Threats of violence from militant homosexuals are beginning to surface.

We see Christians moving away from Scripture to make their case, and switching to ‘personal beliefs.’  “I’m not judging.  And, I mean, what you do is between you.  It’s just that personally, it’s just not something that I’m into.  So, I’m not saying I’m against homosexuality and I don’t hate.  It’s just not something I would personally choose.”  Wow, what a powerful witness and testimony to the truth (not).

We’re just living in a different America today — an ‘occupied Amerika’.  As I’ve said, this is not a passing trend that we can just patiently wait to run its course and then return to life the way it was.

Franklin Graham has recently warned Christians to prepare for persecution in America

And another piece warns, Christians need to learn to live as exiles in our own country.

These recent developments with the Supreme Court declaring it is now (unconstitutionally) making law, and overriding the individual states’ 10th Amendment protections, come as I am in the middle of a multiple-part series titled ‘The Coming Underground.’

We very well may be forced to practice our faith in underground churches.  But that will only last for so long.  I believe that the only viable option for preserving the remnants of American God-honoring principles, our values, and our heritage, is the continued movement of God-fearing, freedom-loving Christian patriots, strategically relocating to geographic regions which are already incredibly, staunchly conservative.

I believe that regions, such as the American Redoubt, have the best hope of achieving this.  I also believe that one day the intolerable acts and the long train of abuses will be so great, that at some point we will be compelled to revisit the path that our founding fathers were forced to take, and throw off the chains of tyranny and start anew.  It will not come without a price, but it cannot compare to the price we are sure to pay if we submit to the oppressor.  We appeal to Heaven for strength, courage, wisdom, and discernment.

De Opresso Liber