This article (including all photos) was originally posted at Paratus Familia Blog and written by Enola Gay.

What a weekend we had!  Sir Knight and I hosted a lovely tea party, complete with a tent, shotguns and wonderful friends.  Although the weather was cool the fellowship was warm and we ate, drank, shot and talked to our hearts content.

We have so many photos, I thought I would share them in two posts – lets get started!

Master Calvin helping raise the tent
Making progress (very slow progress – it was windy!)
Setting up the tea (and coffee) station
Readying the luncheon
The Ladies Lounge
The Gentlemen’s Lounge (we shot from this end of the tent)
My parent’s wonderful pastor and his wife made these lovely prizes!  This is 1st place for the Ladies Division…
And the Men’s
And a special award for putting “Lead Down Range”, regardless of clay’s hit
Our beautiful Georgia transplant!
Enjoying food and fellowship
Master Hand Grenade – resident armorer
Bowl full of shotgun shells
Pasty’s with our tea….
And Scotch eggs
Sir Knight preparing shotguns
Men of the Redoubt
Master Hand Grenade looking very dapper!
Sweet fellowship
Sir Knight manning the skeet thrower
My dear friend – Julianne of Providence Lodge
And her handsome husband
My beautiful mother with a teacup and a shotgun!  Does it get any better than this?
Maid Elizabeth, Miss Serenity and Master Hand Grenade!

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Thank you,  Enola for sharing. What a great reminder of the importance of  fellowship and family. Be sure to visit Paratus Familia Blog for more articles by Enola Gay!