John Jacob is joined by patriot, founding member of Liberty For All and constitutional advocate, Anthony Bosworth.  Anthony was arrested earlier this week while drinking a cup of coffee waiting for a 10th Amendment Center demonstration to begin.  He had a combat rifle slung behind him on his back when he was approached by Department of Homeland Security officers telling him he was in violation of USC Title 18, Section 903 (which prohibits firearms inside a federal facility).  He was not inside a federal facility.  He was arrested, detained, interrogated, and when asking for legal counsel, was told that such a request was “Hollywood stuff” and that they were not required to allow him to have legal counsel since ‘it was on federal property.’  So now federal property are constitution-free zones?

Several other points:

– It is perfectly LEGAL in Washington State to openly carry a firearm

– They did not release his firearms to him ‘in case charges are filed in the future and the weapons may need to be used as evidence’.

– His firearms are being illegally detained by the federal government without due process and without any firearms-related crimes being committed and without having been charged with such.

– He was cited for ‘Failure to Comply’.  (for refusing to leave after being told by one officer, while Bosworth was engaged in a mutual conversation with a different officer.

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