Do you plan to communicate with others of like-mind and would you like to receive information from a patriot-operated communications network?

You’re in the right place!

IT’S HERE! The latest version of the Signals Operating Instructions (SOI) were released on Monday, December 1st, 2014. If you want to communicate with other AmRRON operators in a real-world disaster situation, you’ll need to know what bands, frequencies, and modes to turn to at the right times.

To learn how to get access to, and download, the 51 page SOI, go to: SOI Version 3

If you already have a previous version (2.1 or earlier), you already have the password.  Just go to the DOWNLOAD PAGE

Although it is worth MUCH more, we’re making it available for a minimum contribution of only $2.00, so there’s no reason why every patriot doesn’t have a copy as part of their overall preparedness communications resources.

There are both very minor changes as well as significant changes to Version 3:

  • Now 51 pages (from 40)
  • AmCON Level chart has been modified
  • Significant – HF Frequencies for the 20 meter band changes
  • Significant – HF Frequencies AND TIMES for the 40 meter and 80 meter bands have changed
  • Section added – Section 13 (Forms – logs, reports, etc.)
  • Glossary of terms (Section 14)
  • Revision 20141202 – Page 20 (Section 3.6 Time Clock) added instructions at bottom. Central and Pacific time zone voice nets actually begin on the half-hour, and then switches to digital at the top of the hour.

Our goal is that any minor changes that need to be made to the SOI in the future will only require printing and replacing one or two pages and not the entire SOI. We will post any revisions on this download page, and highlight the changes that were made in the future.

It was surprising to learn that there were several AmRRON operators who did not have any previous version of the SOI at all! You can’t communicate with a network if you don’t know what time, frequency, and mode everyone else is meeting on. Get your comms up!