Article originally posted by James White at North West Liberty News

After banning the book ”America,” Costco Warehouse invites the Executive Producer of the Film in for a Book Signing

Back in July of this year, Costco Warehouse got the blood boiling of their Conservative members when they decided to ban the Dinesh D’Souza book entitled, America: Imagine a World without Her.  Already on thin ice with some Conservatives over Costco’s open support of Barack Obama, the outright censorship of America was seen by many as a “last straw.”  In an ironic twist, the book soon soared to number 1 on, and Costco reversed their decision a short time later and put the book back on the shelves.

In a move that I would consider a wise one, Costco Warehouse contacted the Executive Producer of the film “America: Imagine the World without Her“,  Jerry Molen, and invited him to hold a book signing at the Costco in Kalispell, Montana.  I spoke to the warehouse manager, and he told me that this is the first time Costco has done anything like a book signing.  I’m not sure if he means here in Kalispell, or anywhere in the US.  Nonetheless, the fact that Costco has extended a hand to Jerry Molen is significant.

Below is the Jerry’s appearance on the The Liberty Brothers Radio Show.