Many of us have been following the 299 Days book series and could not wait for each volume to be released. Now that the last book of the series, 299 Days: The 43 Colonels (Volume 10) is here, it is bitter sweet. However, the last book includes a special treat! Chapter 347, titled “Colonel John Jacob Schmidt” features John Jacob Schmidt, Radio Free Redoubt and AmRRON!

Glen Tate, the author of the 299 Days book series shared this audio file for our readers:
Chapter 347- “Colonel John Jacob Schmidt- Radio Free Redoubt”

299 Days: The 43 Colonels is available on Kindle Edition, Paperback and Audio Book. A special “Thank you”, to Glen Tate for including John Jacob, Radio Free Redoubt and AmRRON in the 299 Days book series!

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