The Going Rogue event November 2014, in Texas has an amazing line-up of speakers including Jim Rawles and Sam Culper!

Wayne Allyn Root will be the keynote speaker AND John Jacob Schmidt  the Conference Emcee!

Going Rogue enables freedom lovers and independent thinkers – Rogues – to explore the ideas, knowledge and alternatives needed to achieve peace of mind and a secure, sustainable lifestyle.

  • We are about empowering people –building relationships and developing practices that are vital to a self-reliant community.
  • Our gatherings attract like-minded individuals, with concrete concerns, who share and seek enlightenment in a fun and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Going Rogue Events are people helping people down a path of freedom from the social, political, and financial entanglements that many get trapped in.

We’re not about doom and gloom. We do real life.
Our mission is to enlighten individuals, families and neighbors – with education, preparation and networking – to the power and sense of well-being that can be gained through self-reliance.

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