The following report was forwarded to us by a Radio Free Redoubt Reader:

“You don’t believe they’re here? Look who was just found at Jason’s Deli at West 34th and 290 in Houston. That’s the black standard ISIS emblem on his shoulder. Share the heck outta this.” -Mike



An alert American in the Houston area snapped these photos at Jason's Deli
yesterday at 11:30 AM (9-3-2014). The deli is located in the Spring Branch

He was standing in line to grab lunch and noticed a black-robed
Jihadist with the ISIS symbol on his shoulder. He got out his phone and
snapped as many photos as he could. Others in line were watching but weren't
doing the same; but he heard chatter when he got to his table. 

Mike reports: 
There are at least 10 mosques or Islamic centers within a 15 mile radius.
This is a very populated area of northwest Houston but it is predominantly
Hispanic. The majority of the Muslim population is concentrated in the
southwest part of town.

We thank Mike for his work and for sharing what he has seen with us so we
can be aware. Please pass it along.