Since I ran out of time during the podcast to cover the T-Rex Quiz, and give the correct answers, here’s the posting of it with explanation.  Great job, all of you!

Quiz Questions:

1. What was the contest word for T-Rex?


It’s not really a word.  It’s an amalgamation of the two words that embody the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution, which is often described as the people’s ‘Liberty Teeth’.  I didn’t want to have a word that would be easily guessed without all or most of the letters collected.

2. Name at least two of the cities that were added to the list (from the original 8 cities) planned for government cordon/containment operations

The original 8 cities listed during the regularly-scheduled nets prior to T-Rex were:  Toronto, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami

There were three additional cities that were revealed through the T-Rex AmRRON nets:  Seattle, San Diego, and Philadelpia

3. What was the cause of the internet/communications disruption. (It’s not because of power outages)

Cyber Attack originating from Iraq & Syria.  This was only made known via a password-protected page on during a two-hour window.  A radio message titled “Special Announcement” was distributed, informing participants that ONLY satellite internet service was still available.  Participants were instructed that ONLY THEY could access the internet if they were satellite internet users with alternative power to operate their routers.  They were instructed to go to  a specific password-protected page titled ‘BREAKING NEWS’ .  The password ‘SATELLITE’ was given over the radio net, where they would access a ‘Breaking News’ announcement by TNN  (T-REX NEWS NETWORK).  The ‘Breaking News’ was a report by NOAA announcing the cyber attack from Iraq and Syria.

3a. BONUS QUESTION:  What group appears to be responsible for the disruption of internet/communications infrastructure?

Answer we were looking for:  ISIS (Islamic State) or Al Qaeda.  The answer was not found in the radio nets.  This was specifically a BONUS question.  We wanted people to look at the news of the cyber attack from the AmRRON exercise against the back drop of the current real-world situation.  We know that ISIS has vowed to attack America and US interests.  We also know they have operational control of parts of Iraq and Syria.  This was a latent situational awareness/analysis opportunity.

4. What was the emerging threat that did not seem to have been carried out yet?

A) Planned hostage taking of senators and other elected officials by Eco-terrorists

B) Planned small-arms and improvised explosives attacks on places of worship by Islamic Terrorists

C) Dirty bomb attack on five or more American cities by an unknown group

D) Cartel prison break to rescue their top leadership in multiple, simultaneous locations

5. Name two planned, simultaneous types of attacks that were being successfully carried out on American soil?

1.  Arson Wild Fires

2.  Sabotage of Electrical Sub-stations using improvised explosive devices