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It’s Tuesday, 12 August, and we’re approaching T-Rex —  YOUR weekend to actually practice your preparedness plan.  Ten days away.  As we approach, we will be feeding you SITREPS (Situation Reports).  The first two, posted below, are from an AmRRON Corps operator with an intelligence analysis background.  These first two SITREPS enhance the scenario laid out in the T-Rex Scenario & Timeline.

A couple of notes for participants:

1.  Tune in to the regularly-scheduled AmRRON nets next week!  There will be additional SITREPS relevant to the exercise that weekend.

2.  Remember to include the words, “EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE” preceding the message

      Additionally, end the message with ” This is a communications readiness exercise.  This is only a training exercise”

3.   BLACK ECHO STATIONS:  Also follow the “EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE…” protocol when relaying SITREPS, news reports, or any  other updates.  Remember, this is training, so keep it legal.  Save the awesome power message to the masses for the real thing.

Additional pre-exercise SITREPs will follow over the next week, so keep checking back.


The TEOTWAWKI 2014 Readiness Exercise (TREx-2014) is a communications and preparedness drill scheduled for the weekend of August 22-24th.  The exercise is based on a published scenario that gives only a very broad description of the circumstances leading up to a national emergency that will occur that weekend.  The decisions that people make in a crisis situation are fundamentally dependent on the precursors leading up to the crisis. To augment the realism of the TREx-2014 exercise, a series of news reports will be sent by email to those who have expressed interest in the exercise itself.  These will be a mixture of actual news reports and simulated news reports. Simulated news reports will always carry the words EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE at the beginning of the news report.  (In the absence of those words, the news report is an actual, live report.) At some point in the exercise, all normal communications, news feeds, telephone, and Internet connectivity will be lost, at which point in time these email reports will cease.   What follows is TREx News Report Number 01

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

0000Z      (Guy Haselmann of ScotiaBank)“Central Bank Post-Crisis Quasi-Coordination Has Broken Down” Germany, France, Japan and the Eurozone are expected to follow Italy with flat or negative Q2 GDP when the data is released this week. Italy’s economy grew at -0.2% in Q2 and has not grown in over 10 years. Japan’s Q2 number tonight is expected to show an annualized decline worse than 7% (maybe <10%). These four countries collectively account for 18% of global GDP.  In a globalized world with vast inter-connected supply chains, protectionism poses the most dangerous risk to economic growth.  Sanctions against Russia combined with significant counter-measures have spanned and impacted international trade between dozens of countries.  In India, newly-elected Modi’s government doubled the minimum price of exporting onions, and doubled tariffs on imported sugar to buoy the local industry.  Sovereign actions to improve competitiveness are often taken to weaken a countries currency, but imposing tariffs and imposing protectionist laws have similar results but with far quicker and more targeted results.   What follows is TREx News Report Number 02 0058Z       (ZeroHedge) “Japanese GDP Plunges 6.8% As Consumer Spending Collapses By Most On Record.”  Compared to the 3.6% drop in GDP when Japan last hiked its consumption tax in 1997, today’s Q2 GDP collapse of 6.8% annualized is an utter disaster (even if it is slightly better than the expected -7.0% expectations thanks to a surge in the deflator). Inventory additions added 1.0% growth. Consumer Spending collapsed 5.2% QoQ – the most on record. Of course, in the traditional of Keynesian hockey-sticks, this XX% collapse in Q2 is expected to surge back to a 2.5% growth figure in Q3 and lead Japan to the holy grail once more.. only it didn’t quite work out that way last time for Japan. Simply put this is the worst posible outcome for bulls. 0305Z       (Apple Insider by Mickey Campbell)  “California Senate passes cellphone ‘kill switch’ bill, awaits governor’s approval” The California state Senate on Monday passed a bill crafted to protect against smartphone theft by requiring manufacturers turn on a “kill switch” when a device is first activated, something Apple currently employs in iOS as an opt-in feature. California’s legislative push to require so-called “kill switches” of smartphone manufacturers moved closer to becoming law, as a bill passed through the Senate with a final tally of 27-8, reports The Wall Street Journal. The state’s governor, Jerry Brown, has 12 days to sign the bill into law. State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), who introduced the bill, believes the effort will help discourage smartphone thefts, a problem grown pervasive in some major metropolitan areas. According to the publication, California’s initiative differs from similar legislation up for consideration in other states like New York in that it places an onus on manufacturers to have the security feature activated during initial device setup. 1210Z       (San Jose Mercury News)  EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE.  “East Bay ISIS Sympathizers?”  Hikers discovered what appeared to be a camp of Islamist sympathizers, according to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office.  A small camp, looking like it might have been occupied by four people, was found near the Poppy Ridge golf course in Livermore.  The camp contained a buried container that included materials which were turned over the FBI.  According to an anonymous source who saw the contents of the buried container, there were papers in Arabic and aviation charts of some sort in English, with the word ‘Oakland’ on them.  The hikers have been retained for questioning after initially being released. Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 1522Z       (Manchester Guardian, UK)  “Ferguson Reignites As Police Shoot 2nd Man; Obama’s Response “Insultingly Inadequate” Despite Police best efforts to force Ferguson residents off the streets, tensions reignited once again as night fell last night and, as The Guardian reports, a second man has been shot by police. Police officials told local reporters that the man was shot in Ferguson by a St Louis County officer after pointing a handgun at him soon after 1am on Wednesday. A crowd of around 250 young protesters were halted by police and separately a woman is being treated in hospital after being shot in the head during a drive-by shooting in the troubled city. Protesters exclaimed, “we have a right to assemble, a right to freedom,” said Paul Muhammad. “But here we are facing what looks like a military imposing martial law. It is not acceptable.” Interestingly, President Obama’s official response “urging reflection” has been rejected as insultingly inadequate by many African American residents of Ferguson