Well, It’s about time!

Has the Texas Governor been listening to Radio Free Redoubt!   I doubt it… but still.

This letter was just sent to me.  This is encouraging, but it should have been done two weeks (or two YEARS) ago.  Now the question is going to be about the Rules of Engagement.  When cartels are firing .50 caliber rifles across the border at agents, will the Governor allow National Guard troops to return fire, or is this going to be a ‘humanitarian’ effort, further exposing servicemen to the exotic diseases that are being imported into America by this reckless federal administration?  Lord, protect those troops — from diseases, criminals, and poor judgment from their chain of command.


Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce today at 2p.m. at the Texas State Capitol, he has decided to act and deploy 1,000 Texas National Guard to the border in the Rio Grande Valley.  Yesterday afternoon in Iowa, Governor Perry stated: “If the federal government does not do its constitutional duty to secure the Southern border of the United States, the state of Texas will do it.”  The Texas National Guard troops will be deployed to the Rio Grande Valley along with an increase of Texas Department of Public Safety who already has been operating at the Texas border.  The joint work by and between these two assets is to keep drug and human trafficking south of U.S. Highway 83 and with the goal of keeping smuggling from entering major highways to transport throughout the state.  The cost of deployment of the Texas National Guard will be $12 million per month, with $9.8 million for personnel and vehicle costs and $2.4 million for deployment of additional helicopters.  The “call-out” will be formalized today when the Governor makes the announcement, but it will take up to one month to reach full contingency.

This action raises a question as to whether or not the flow of illegals into Texas will now redirect to Arizona.

 (Note from JJS –  Without a doubt it will divert illegal invaders over to neighboring states.  Maybe it’s time for them to follow suit with Texas and PROTECT THIS NATION from the invaders from without.  Then the rest of us can focus on the enemies within. )  Oh, BTW, that wasn’t a threat of violence, just in case ‘certain’ people were wondering and needed clarification.   $12 million per month?  No problem.  That’s a savings compared to the cost of doing nothing.  If I were the Governor, I’d send the federal government the bill, and take it right off the top of the money Texas sends to Washington D.C.