2014 TEOTWAWKI Readiness Exercise

August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th (Fri – Sun)

What would YOU do?

Do you have a plan?

Have you practiced your plan?


We will be setting up a 3-day, Scenario-based disaster/preparedness exercise. A chance for you to practice T-REX FLYER:

    • Your personal, family, group SHTF plan
    • The AmRRON Communications Plan
    • Grid-down emergency plan


  • Participate in all or part (one day, two days, three days?). It’s a chance for you to implement YOUR plan.
  • Follow along with the scenario and timeline (To Be Released – stand by).
  • Develop and follow your own, customized scenario as a smaller part of a bigger exercise.
  • Practice your personal, family, or group communications plan
  • Bugging out? Bugging in?
  • If you have a loose network of like-minded families and retreat groups in your local area, feel free to develop some of your own ‘micro-scenarios’ and developments between yourselves, while participating in the bigger scenario at the same time. Just keep it legal, safe and sane!

  This is a ‘hypothetical’ Senario/Timeline designed to accomplish several goals.

1.  Provide an opportunity for individuals, families, and groups to implement your SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) plan, while thousands of others are practicing at the same time, following the same scenario.

2.  Practice what you’ve planned, assess your readiness level, identify weaknesses in your personal self-reliance preparations, and set new goals to address shortcomings, and establish a set of priorities for improving.

3.  Send, receive, and monitor communications.  There could be information that could affect you!  Would you be able to receive it?  Could you send reports out to others to keep fellow patriots informed?

NOTE:  AmRRON operators will be following the Communications SOI (Signal Operating Instructions) during the T-Rex Exercise.  Local groups are also encouraged to conduct their own, internal communications plan, as well as monitoring/participating in the scheduled AmRRON Nets.

4.  There will be no internet chatrooms, Facebook or other social media updates, or any other ‘grid-up’ communications networking during T-Rex, except during those grid-up timeframes outline in the Scenario & Outline.  The exception, of course, is if you hear otherwise through the AmRRON Network.

This exercise is an opportunity for YOU to implement YOUR family/group plan.  Whether you anticipate bugging in, bugging out, activating your retreat group, walking home on foot, or traversing your community developing SPOT Reports, it’s a time for you to practice.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED:  We’re asking anyone with communications capabilities who are willing, to let us know if you would like to act as an Initiating Station or a Receiving Station, or both.  These are stations to which (and from which) messages will be passed, from one point (Point A) to another (Point B).  If you volunteer to be an initiating station, we will email you the week prior with the message/traffic you are responsible for getting out.  The AmRRON Network will be passing your traffic until it gets delivered to the intended Receiving Station.


Download the PDF by clicking below:
Scenario/Timeline PDF