Alarming Disarmament, Leaders Forced Underground
and Pro-Gun States


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Christians form human shield around church in ‘China’s Jerusalem’.

“Lunch Lady Says I Can’t Pray” 5 yr old told to stop praying at school in Florida.

Lawmaker María Corina Machado stripped her of her elected position in Venezuela.

Venezuela issues food ID cards to curtail food hoarding.

Brandon Smith- The Collapse is Happening Now.

Obama helped disarm the Ukraine article at

Several States passing strong pro-gun legislation:
Missouri House passed pro-gun bill 

Idaho bill effectively nullifies new federal gun control measures
the Idaho state house passed a bill which would effectively nullify FUTURE federal gun laws by prohibiting state enforcement of any future federal act relating to personal firearms, a firearm accessories or ammunition. The vote was 68-0. It previously passed the state senate by a vote of 34-0.

Kansas legislators gave final approval Saturday to a bill that would nullify city and county gun restrictions and ensure that it’s legal across the state to openly carry firearms, a measure the National Rifle Association sees as a nationwide model for stripping local officials of their gun-regulating power.

Idaho governor defends openness, goals of Common Core

Ukraine vote to disarm militias puts Right Sector in spotlight


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