venezuela-crisisMore Reports Smuggled out of VZ: Food Shortages, Executions, and Taliban

by John Jacob Schmidt

The crisis in Venezuela is growing daily.  And coupled with a media blackout by the VZ government and our own media’s apathy, the US Government’s response seems to be “Venezuela who?”  Not a big surprise, given the dismal foreign policy record of the current so-called administration.

Still, Radio Free Redoubt partisans with ties to Venezuela are relaying smuggled reports from family members and other contacts who are on the ground right now in the torn country.  Violent crime and murders by execution are said to be eight times that of Mexico’s beleaguered Cartel turf-war landscape that has left as many as 80,000 dead in the last five years.  Reports of skyrocketing inflation, lack of food, fuel and other supplies abound.  It is becoming increasing common knowledge that the Taliban and other ilk are training in VZ right now, and the Cubans are offering material support in the form of (at least) soldiers and policemen.  Hospitals are at overflowing, beyond-capacity levels and there are no medicines available for the peasants and doctors and other medical support personnel are exhausted.

In last week’s podcast (Episode 14-11) I referenced an article from Survivalblog reporting some of the turmoil that is happing in VZ right now.  Since the podcast and an email I sent out to the ARN members and AmRRON operators, additional reports leaked out of the country were relayed in to me.  Below are those sanitized, raw reports.  Many fear this is what is in America’s near to intermediate future.


Posted an article on both and this week from the article:

“Lack of Communication Causes Panic and Rumors. As the communications are shut down, we are seeing that a sense of panic is growing….”   …”This is why it is growing difficult to differentiate between rumors and fact. Information is as vital at this point as food and water. Calm leadership is needed to keep everyone from panicking or shutting down.”

“It would have been wonderful if they had prepared with a radio network that was interstate rather than just within small, cloistered groups. Those of you with Ham equipment will be hailed as heroes should this situation come to a theater near you.”


Reports coming in from AmRRON operators and listeners:

He will have a sister visiting today and we’ll find more info. I will pass it on if you like.


Well, First I spoke with my Venezuelan cousin and learned this- from his email to me (my explanations of things in blue- some changes to correct his English):

Food is very, very scarce in VZ. While Chavez was alive, 80% of all the food there was imported. After he died, the new thugs reduced the imports to starve the people as advised by the Castros, and keep them occupied and worried about that (rather than what is going on). The crime and murders spiked to keep people terrified, schools were raided with new and strict regulations to teach specifics about the Revolution and Cuba’s history of their revolution and their “success”. Indoctrinating further the young population.

Importation of medical supplies and medicines were halted as well as paper for print and for sanitary use. Tampons, and other feminine supplies were banned and the dictator said women had to use a rag for their periods and rinse it frequently, and everyone had to use a rag to wipe their butts. The Talibans are taking notice of these modern reversals of history to justify their current ways with women. (Talaban is being trained down in VZ)

So, food is virtually gone!

Freedom has been gone for now a lot of years, but because it was slowly taken, like here, people adjusted on a daily basis to reduced liberties and [are] now without any. [Will the same thing happen to us] now by the Ultimate Sleeping Cell that Obama is?

There is now in VZ one Cuban soldier serving next to each VZ soldier, uniformed as the VZ soldier, but with a small insignia on their hat or shirt to identify them. As you may be able to see on many of the photos currently Tweeted, the insignia is small, but identifiable.

end if his letter… but a previous letter he is in contact w/ a friend of ours, a doctor in Barcimento Venezuela, a few hours west of Caracas who speaks of having recently had 600 people brought into his ER.  70% of them were dead – shot execution style to the head.  All had been tortured.  Again, absolutely NO medical supplies.  We are trying to get this doc up here, but have lost contact with him.  Still working on it though.


Next Letter from a listener:

After posting this letter on a blog, I then  went over to a member of my ward, also from Venezuela. Of course he is in daily contact with family down there. Here are his comments.

1. They freed the prisoners and they are now in the streets, supporting the government that just freed them. Willing to do whatever it takes to stay free.
2. Once I became aware that the missionaries still in the Ukraine are told to only stay in their apartments, I asked if Venezuelan Saints are doing the same. He said it doesn’t matter.  The gov’t military and police just break into people’s homes and take them away to jail.  No restrictions on breaking and abducting people.
3. Inflation is about 50xs.  A child soccer ball, is the American equivilant of $1200.00.  Shoes are running 13million Boliveres – $1300.00   Frankly no one can afford shoes at that price.
4. There is no medical care.  If you have to go to the hospital, you must bring all you need, from foods (which you can’t get anyway) to medications, to bandages, to etc…  AND there are no beds left. People are lined up on the floors to sleep.  One up against another in the halls.
5.  There is no milk, rice, oil, corn.  main staples. nor anything else for that matter. From my cousins letter above, you see it is purposeful to starve them out to take their minds off what is going on in the country.
6.  People are doing anything they can to get out of the country. They line up at the airport and get tickets for ANYWHERE else. Japan, India, ANYWHERE ELSE.
7  The country is full of Chinese, Russian and Cuban soldiers.  They are all fighting over the petrol.
8.  No TV, no public radio. I have been trying to find out how many have been killed recently and haven’t been able to. I know Reuters said 28, but a doctor friend of mine has had about 450 dead, tortured and shot execution style, come into his own ER in a smaller city west of Caracas. So the 28 is way off.  But apparently, this data cannot get out. Apparently the gov’t is blocking any reporting of deaths.

Seems like Venezuela is even worse than Ukraine.

This persons sister is visiting from VZ tomorrow.  I will learn more then.
In summary, it is just out of hand.
Hope this is helpful to us.  It makes us realize exactly how badly things might get.


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