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In my opinion, two historical events have strongly shaped the landscape of American history.  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and, subsequently, the swearing in of Vice President Johnson who created the 14th Amendment.  And, the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, after which Vice President Johnson took office and created the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. In my view, both the 14th Amendment and the civil rights bills are tied together; and, they were both created to further the downfall of America.

The Communist takeover of America 1963 to 1975, and how they accomplished their goals

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A House divided cannot stand”

President Ronald Reagan, in 1984, brought together a panel of intellectuals to study President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society of 1964.  After 4 months, they came back to Mr. Reagan and told him it was a total failure. Reagan did nothing about Johnson’s failure… This essay deals with that failure.  In this essay, I will attempt to connect the dots.  While there were many things that happened to change this country, I want to first look at communist Russia, circa 1919.

In 1919, a book called “The Communist Blueprint “ was published.  It explained the “New Communist Party,” and was considered an update to the Communist Manifesto.  In the book, it outlined the aim of the party of the proletariat

“… explaining that deprivation of political rights and any kind of limitation of freedom are necessary as temporary measures in order to defeat the attempts of the exploiters to retain or reestablish their privileges. With the disappearance of the possibility of exploitation of one human being by another, the necessity for these measures will also gradually disappear, and the party will aim to reduce and completely abolish them.”

Said one of the program’s platforms for women, “the party aim is not to limit itself to the formal proclamation of women equality, but to liberate women from all burdens of antiquated methods of housekeeping, by replacing them by house -communes, public kitchens, central laundries, nurseries, etc.” 

Now, since nobody was home rearing children, government became the new parent.

Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Communist Philosopher who wrote articles on how to destroy the United States. One of the articles he wrote in 1921 was called, “The Attack on the Family.”  In the article, Gramsci outlines all the methods of how to destroy the American Family, and the United States has adopted every part of his writings; specifically, take over the courts and remove the man from the home.

In my view, many of the events which have contributed to our continuing downfall started in 1963.  To briefly highlight two examples: prayer was taken out of public schools and birth control pills were introduced to women.  In the last example, women could now have sex without the worry of getting pregnant.  Add to that the introduction of the mini-skirt at about the same time, and you have the makings of a “sexual revolution” As an aside, I think that the mini-skirt was used to take the minds of men off the “women’s liberation” movement. Additionally, government employees were allowed to unionize, and the Viet Nam war started: a war which would last 10 years.  Americans were now turning to drugs and getting high in order to cope with the changes being pushed on society. Only one short year later in 1964, the Wilderness Bill was created; which laid the groundwork for Agenda 21 and controling the resources.


Phase One-1971 until nowThe Environmentalist take over the Government

  • In 1971, Maurice Strong and a member of the Rothschild family went before the United Nations to launch the environmental movement.  Also in 1971, President Nixon announced, on television, that he was changing the economy of the United States from an industrial economy to a service economy, while opening the trade door with China. In that same fateful year, Mr. Nixon had Congress pass the Environmental Protection Act.  To get an idea of how that is working out, read The crushing grip of tyranny and The unelected and America’s distruction.
  • In 1933, President Roosevelt, with Executive Order 6102, made it illegal for Americans citizens to own gold.  The order also stated that Americans were forced to turn in all of their gold or pay a $10,000 fine; a law that stayed on the books till 1971.  Nixon did allow American to own gold again in 1971, but he also took the gold backing from the dollar as well.  Now the government, via the Federal Reserve, could print all the dollars they wanted (this action created Deficits).  Keep in mind that when we were on the gold standard, our dollars were tied to the amount of gold and there was very little inflation.
  • The rest of the industrial world complained about the removal of gold from our dollar, so Mr. Nixon promised them that the United States would start to buy their products. Remember, before 1971 this country imported very little products from other countries and almost everything we manufactured stayed here.
  • Because Mr. Nixon changed our economy from an industrial to a service economy, EPA regulations, and the removal of the gold from our dollar, began causing our factories, steel mills, and mining operations to be shut down. Also in the early 70’s the federal government took over the college scholarship program. Later, in the 1980s and 1990s, farming and logging also went into a decline. These industries provided jobs to men and fathers to support their families.
  • A couple more things happened in 1971 and 1972:  Mothers started staying in the workforce after having a baby.  Before 1972, most new mothers quit their jobs 6 months into their pregnancy. The workforce doubled from 70 million people to 135 million people. The inflation rate before 1972 was 2 percent per year, 15 percent after 1972.  Also in 1971, the 26 amendment was ratified, which made the legal age to vote 18.   This Amendment made children into adults. Before 1971, teenagers were under their parents until they were 21 years old; and they had no legal rights. Mothers were staying in the workforce, and this Amendment allowed parents to be responsible only until their children reached 18 years of age


America workforce now (2011) totals 140 million people.  From 2013 numbers, 77 million work for the government (Fed, State, Counties, Cities, military, and all school districts) and only 63 million for in the private sector. This is called a deficit, since only the private sector pays taxes. There are more people consuming wealth then those producing wealth.  The environmentalist (communist) have totally taken over this country without firing one shot. This country has adopted all ten planks of the communist manifesto, while most American men have been brainwashed and have bought into the communist lies.


Phase Two- Destroy the family by empowering women, and eliminated men from the home and family

In 1964, the Civil Rights Bill was passed.  And, in my view, it helped to destroy the family.  The bill attempted to make the sexes, and all people, totally equal (Unisex). This bill also gave all white women minority status.  Since that time, Congress has passed over 400 laws to empower women, 0 laws to empower men.

Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the family was one unit. The man consisting of one half and the woman consisting of the other half; usually in marriage. The Bible says that when a man and woman get married, they become one flesh. A young man looking for a wife was really looking for his other half. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made men and women whole persons. Question, can a ship have two captains?  Answer; “NO, the ship can only go in one direction at a time.” Say, for instance, before 1964, there were 40 million families, each family being one economic unit. The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 made every person an economic unit. Now, instead of 40 million families, you have 200 million people or economic units, and they became the responsibility of the state. The family unit had one house, one vehicle, one set of dishes and silverware etc.., everything to run a home.  Now, because of the new economic units, in cases of divorce each had to have his/her own house, his/her own car, their own set of dishes and silverware, and their set of snow tires for their car. The economic unit also had to have his/her own job. Before 1965, most young men and women stayed at home with their parents until they got married.  But in the last 35 years, most teens leave their parents’ home and go into debt to so they can be free. (DEBT= BONDAGE).  Before 1970, the average family owned one house and one car. The husband drove that car to work, parked it, and worked 8, 10, or 12 hours a day so he could feed and support his family. The wife, on the other hand, stayed at home and took care of their home and children. These women were called mothers and homemakers.

Starting 1957, government public schools, and the auto manufacturers, began to teach young girls in high school how to drive cars, donated by General Motors. Women driving cars did not catch on big until 1972. More and more women were becoming hooked on driving, which created a problem, as cars were not cheap. The average father and husband could not afford two cars and a home. So, guess what happened?  The government created paper-pushing jobs to carry out the regulations created by their growing bureaucracies. And, since women were taught typing and shorthand in the public schools, they got these paper-pushing jobs.  Since a lot of mothers were leaving the home, no one was home rearing children. Government, of course, assumed the role of caretaker in the vacuum. Government became the provider, and papa, to a big majority of women. Gramsci – Take over the courts and remove the man from the home.  Now that women were in the workforce, they could afford to buy their own cars and support themselves. Divorce rates started to rise, and the women who fell through the cracks were picked up by the government (the welfare state). Divorce became commonplace. A woman did not need a man anymore except for building her a house, maintaining her car, and being a companion. The family started to die.  Now a woman could have sex whenever she pleased, and if she got pregnant and did not want that baby, she could get an abortion; legalized in 1974 by Roe vs. Wade. In my view, abortion and gay marriage are the direct result of taking men and fathers out of the home. Now, because a women could buy and own her car, the price of a car started to go up and up and up. The same thing happened with gasoline.  In 1973, gas was 33 cents per gallon.  By the end of 1974, it went to 68 cents per gallon, and has kept going higher and higher since. This is the cause of INFLATION.  What happens to the family when its foundation undermined?  Well, one result is death of children. Shootings — even child murders — happen every day, several times a day, in America. America has the worst record of child abuse and homicide in the industrialized world, with an average of 27 children killed every week by their parents and caregivers.

After the end of the Second World War, and under the Marshall Plan (1946 to 1970), the United States took on the job of rebuilding the 110 major cities in Europe, and Asia, which were destroyed during the Second World War. American men, and some women, worked 12 hours a day, six to seven days a week, supplying the world with goods and materials… i.e., “The Berlin Airlift.”

The workforce in the United States, from 1900 to 1970, was 80 percent male, or 56 million men, and 20 percent female, or 14 million women. When a woman got married and became pregnant, she would often quit her job and stay home to raise her family.   As stated previously, in 1972 mothers were told to stay in the workforce because it was too expensive to train a replacement.  To aide their decision, Congress pushed a bill to give new mothers six week leave of absence.  So, after six weeks a mother could go back to her job and put her child into daycare; a brand-new billion dollar industry.  And who says politicians cannot create jobs?

Starting in 1970, the Federal Government began to regulate the private sector, which has led to FASCISM– No capital owned, but all capital controlled by the state.   A couple years earlier, an executive order passing Affirmative Action was signed by then President Johnson.  As a result, companies were forced to hire non-productive people creating a huge bureaucracy, while women were given minority status.  How can a woman be a minority, when women are the majority of the population? A woman was no longer tied to her husband, because, in reality, Government became her new daddy.


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