As we sit comfortably at home, the people of the Ukraine are marching in the streets protesting a tyrannical government. This video [graphic content] shows government snipers firing upon its own citizens. Is this article reason enough to wake up and realize that government does not always have the best interest of the citizens? With our ever growing and overreaching government, can’t you see this coming our way. Pray for the people of the Ukraine and we encourage you to get involved and to help preserve what is left of our freedom in America.

Ukraine Crisis: Video Evidence of Government Snipers’ Massacre of Kiev Protesters. Footage has emerged which shows a group of anti-government protesters being picked off by special force snipers while progressing through Kiev’s Independence Square. As medics try to attend to the victims, the snipers continue to fire shots at the group. Fierce clashes continued on the bloodiest day of the unrest with BBC reporting at least 22 dead so far. Twenty six were killed yesterday.- ibtimes

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