We had a reader send us this video from a Town Hall meeting in Laramie County, WY (In the American Redoubt).  The presenter, Stacy Lynne shows a detailed overview explaining  “Plan Cheyenne“.  The mission statement of this Agenda 21 plan includes, Compact Housing and Teaching Private Business Owners how to use Government Approved Products and Methods.  What??!!  The plan outlines reducing carbon emmissions 80% by 2020 and how elected officials will be stripped of their authority by un-elected planning commitees. But wait there is more, these forced regulations and the implementation of them, will be funded by YOUR tax dollars.  If any plan includes the words “Sustainability, Global or Green”, that is an indication it is part Agenda 21. This REALLY is a must watch video and we highly encourage you to get involved in your community. Be sure to watch at the Q&A section at the end of the video, there are several great testimonies!
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