Patriot Terror Threats, and the Puerto Rican Exodus

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Idaho Senator Continues Quest to amend the US Constitution

DEAD!  House returns domestic military powers expansion bill to committee

Former Navy SEAL, Sen. Ryan Zinke, R-Whitefish, officially filed Saturday as a candidate for the U.S. House

Kentucky Police dept. forms partnership with Homeland Security

EPA Ban on Wood Stoves Freezing Rural America

Russia Threatens military action in Ukraine


1. 1/31/2014 Los Angeles Times. For first time ever, water district allocations were reduced to zero.

2. 2/1/2014. Reno Gazette Journal. Herd reductions started already. Ranchers may be out of water by July 1st. Currently expect 25% of normal water allocations for irrigation.

3. 2/3/2014. Bloomberg Financial News. $44.7 Bn agricultural industry at risk. Delta fisheries in a state of collapse. 17 rural towns about to go completely dry and will need to have water trucked in.

4. 2/3/2014. Los Angeles Times. Worst drought since 1580. Climate cannot support the California’s population in the future.

5. 2/4/2014. Bloomberg Financial News. Santa Cruz has now prohibited the serving of water in restaurants unless customers ask, filling swimming pools, and have had severe restrictions imposed on lawn watering. Communities in the Sierra foothills have been told to cut back water usage by 50%. Mandatory restrictions have not yet been put into place in Southern California.


72 Types of Americans Considered to be ‘Potential Domestic Terror Threats’ in US Government Documents & News Releases


Economy and Crime Spur New Puerto Rican Exodus (Redoubting to the US)

A sense of pessimism pervades on the island. Streets are lined with empty storefronts in San Juan and in smaller cities like Mayagüez; small businesses, hit hard by high electricity, water and tax bills and hurt by drops in sales, have closed and stayed closed.

Schools sit shuttered either because of disrepair or because of a dwindling number of students. In this typically convivial capital, communities have erected gates and bars to help thwart carjackers and home invaders. Illegal drugs, including high-level narcotrafficking, are one of the few growth industries.

Puerto Rico, about 1,000 miles from Miami, has long been poor. Its per capita income is around $15,200, half that of Mississippi, the poorest state. Thirty-seven percent of all households receive food stamps; in Mississippi, the total is 22 percent.

Read the full story at NY Times 


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