Intelligence Course, Shea, and Barbieri

This weekend I was attending a two-day Intelligence Collection & Analysis Course put on by Sam Culper, from Guerrillamerica.com.  To say that it was excellent training would be an understatement.  This was a college semester course crammed in to two days.  Yes, the proverbial drink from a fire hose.

I’ll write a course review later in the week, so I’ll save the rest for then.

Tonight I re-aired speeches from two American Redoubt elected officials, WA State Representative Matt Shea, and ID State Representative Vito Barbieri.  Both of them are true patriots who will be heading to their respective state capitols to represent us.  Remember to pray over them and the other patriots in legislative positions who will be fighting for us, for freedom, and for Americanism.

I thought these two speeches to be thought-provoking and worthy of listening to, just to remind you that there’s hope.  There are true leaders cut from the same cloth as our nation’s founders.  You need to get to know them.  These are only two examples of the men (and women) fighting for us on a policy level.  This is a strategic level.  Get to know them.  Support them!

Have a blessed week!

For the Redoubt!

-John Jacob Schmidt

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Segment 1:  Sam Culper Course and Eye on the Economy with Fox-519

Segment 2: (Begins at 12:20)  WA State Representative Matt Shea

Segment 3: (Begins at 24:44) ID State Representative Vito Barbieri

Segment 4: (Begins at 39:13) Show Closing


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