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A Conversation With Glen Tate

Glen Tate- 299 Book Series

All Things American Redoubt – Think Farms
Continuity of Government

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Segment 1 News & Commentary

Segment 2 (Begins at 0:36 )  Glen Tate: Book 7 & Non-Preppers

Segment 3 (Begins at 1:00)  Glen Tate:  Book 7 & The Think Farm

Segment 4 (Begins at 1:29)  Glen Tate:  Continuity of Government & Continuity of Liberty

Segment 5 (Begins at 1:57:30)  Show Closing




Leaked report reveals @JohnWalsh (the politician) ripped off Montana National Guard.



Bonner County, Unanimus Vote for 2nd Amendment

From a Listener in the American Redoubt:

Marine home on recruiting duty MAY ONLY RECRUIT FEMALES.

     “My son just received an updated decision by USMC Command.”

Females will not be required to do the three pull-ups for a requirement to pass physical standards. this reverses the previous decision.

Listener’s son reports “females in USMC being promoted at a ratio of 2:1 over males”

“This will allow more females to be promoted over the men. My son has received feed back

from some of his fellow Marines. They are frustrated because they understand the ramifications of this.”


BREAKING NEWS: Michigan nullifies NDAA’s indefinite detention


www.pandaunite.org/  ‎

PANDA National 2014 Take Back Call

U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement






299 Days Book Series- Available on Amazon

Glen Tate on the main mic in the RFR Studio… because he just had to know what it felt like.

Glen Tate_At RFR Helm






Glen takes a shot at a script from the next Partisan Diaries series, with JJS coaching from behind.

… Awaiting approval from Partisan Diaries director, [code name] Chloe

Glen Tate & JJS Standing



EXSUM at Guerrillamerica.com



Sam Culper, from Guerrillamerica.com is going to start pushing out sporadic news reports with some level of intelligence-related interest, and calling them (for now) the Executive Summary (EXSUM).  EXSUMs are typically written for flag-officer commanders who only have time to hear the most pressing developments.  In this EXSUM, for your viewing pleasure:


  • Critical Infrastructure.
  • Cell Phones Becoming NSA In-Flight Entertainment.
  • DHS Cyber Expansion.
  • Killing Cities to Save Them.


Remnants Movie Now available! 


Remnants:  The Movie Trailer


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