JosieOutlawThis is a great video message to all who wear the uniform, by a young patriot woman who goes by the name, ‘Josie Outlaw’, and it goes hand-in-hand with the message and the mission of Oathkeepers. At Radio Free Redoubt, we are very pro military and law enforcement. But our loyalty to American ideals such as freedom and liberty run stronger. Words are hard to find to describe our loathing for tyranny. We plead with each of you in uniform to stop and consider carefully before carrying out illegal (unconstitutional) orders. Historically, those in positions of authority will carry out unthinkable and oppressive acts against their fellow countrymen when they are told it is okay to do so by their superiors, and especially if those acting feel they will not be held responsible for their actions — that they are acting on ‘authority.’ This took place after Hurricane Katrina (disarming of peaceful, law-abiding citizens). Let us not forget Boston (during the forced house-to-house searches for the Boston Marathon Bombers) last year. This does not include the warrantless searches on our nation’s highways in the form of checkpoints (DUI, Seatbelt, Child Car Seat, Vehicle Safety, etc.).

To those in uniform, we will proudly fight along side you to preserve Americanism. Please do not make us your enemies and fight against us for the sake of “just following orders.” There are more of us than there are of you, and we are armed.

Resist illegal orders!

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure if your orders are illegal or otherwise unconstitutional, contact Oathkeepers. They have constitutional lawyers and experts who can help.

True patriots are your strongest allies!