I just received this in an email from a listener.  Thank you!  I saw this video a couple of months ago and had completely forgotten about it.  If one contemplates the uses of this, along with the patterns and indicators among our own current regime in the United States, we could anticipate and fully expect this method will be employed against patriots who are communicating with each other.





Mitigation Actions (By JJS):

1.  Construct Mobile faraday cages to secure electronics

2.  Very strict communications discipline – Keep to a schedule consisting of brief transmissions from varying locations.

   –  Arrive at location

   –  Set up Communications

   –  Transmit Message(s)

   –  Immediately Secure computer and transceiver radio in faraday cage(s)

   –  Secure Antennas & Sanitize area

   –  Move out of the area

   –  Do not return to that location to conduct communications  -OR-  Use it in conjunction with a pool of MULTIPLE locations, varying/random times, days, bands/modes, etc.

   –   Be aware of setting patterns of predictability.

   –   Use the same practices if only receiving and not transmitting (Set up, monitor/receive according to schedule, break down gear and secure/protect.)


Video Produced by LDS Prepper

The possibility of having a highly targeted, mobile EMP machine or generator to take out or destroy electronics but not harm people is now a reality. The implications, applications and repercussions are only limited by your mind. Take a look at this in action.


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