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by the Bard of the American Redoubt


[Charles Carroll Society] website is dedicated to chronicling our journey to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, trying to discover what a modern Catholic Land Movement  would look like and trying to implement that in the American Redoubt.  One of the things I try to document is why we are doing this.  This story brings it home to me.

A couple of 12 year-old boy were told by his mother to walk himself to the bus stop which was 70 meters from his house.  His (apparently) single mother then left the house to take the younger child to preschool leaving the 12 year-old boy with his 16 year-old sister.  Now the school bus was not due for another 30 minutes or so.   Now being a 12 year-old boy, when his older sister obviously not keeping an eye on him, he had 30 minutes to kill,  he took his toy BB gun from his house, not even a BB gun, it was a gun with plastic pellets.  He hung a picture of a zombie on his front tree and he and his friend sat out front and shot the zombie.   It was a game they routinely played.  It is a game I play.

They were on their own private property.
They were not at the bus stop.

Below you will find the 911 call a control-freak  neighbor made as she dropped off her little growing social progressive spawn.  Here is what I think.  When someone “calls the cops” on something,  people who know, understand that any interaction with the government employees with guns is a potentially lethal encounter.  Thus this busy body, control-freak was willing to call the police to tell them that “boys” were playing with “guns” near a bush stop.  Do you know what could have happened? This little … … … “female” could have gotten your child killed playing with plastic BB gun on his own property.  While calling the cops and potentially starting a lethal encounter, she acknowledges it as a fake gun “…“This is not a real one, but it makes people uncomfortable. I know that it makes me (uncomfortable), as a mom, to see a boy pointing a gun.”  It most likely makes you uncomfortable to see men standing up to pee right?

911 call from 12SEP2013 concerning two boys playing BB gun wars both boys have been given long suspensions

Now in this situation the government employees with guns came out talk to the control-freak neighbor and said “we do not deal with this.”  Unless a crime is being committed don’t call back.

However not to be outdone, the school the boys go to suspended them, and then threaten to expel them.  Already they have a “gun related suspension” on their record and now under threat of expulsion.  All for playing with a BB gun, on their own property.  This shows you the power of the state.  The employees with guns and costumes don’t do any thing, but the union staff, socialist progressive indoctrination camp believes it now has the right to adjudicate what happens on your own private property.

A three-member disciplinary panel unanimously voted to suspend Larkspur Middle School student Khalid Caraballo for one year, a Virginia Beach city public schools official told the Daily News on Tuesday. However, the panel voted to hold the suspension in abeyance to allow Khalid to attend an alternative education program at Renaissance Academy Middle School.  Read more here.

This is why you are moving to the American Redoubt.  First to keep progressive control freak neighbors from getting your son killed because he is doing what 12-year-old boys do, and play with toy guns (or whatever) on your their family’s property.  Second to keep union-staff, government schools from controlling your child, even on your own property.

Get prepared, have a plan, get out.

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