roadrageYou want to see how quickly things can go from nice, to bad, to REALLY bad, and then deadly, watch the following video.  A sneak peek into what life might be like during TEOTWAWKI.

If this hadn’t taken place in New Europe, the guy with the family may have had a chance to defend himself.  This is a great response to the pacifists on the left who have to ask, “Why on earth do you need a 30-round magazine?  My brother-in-law hunts deer and he’s NEVER needed a 30-round magazine!”

Bear in mind, this is in New York, in  peacetime, with law enforcement in abundance, and 911 working just fine.  In fact, the husband/father in the SUV was ON THE PHONE WITH 911 during the entire incident.  He’s a lucky man to be alive.

Do you really need someone’s permission to be able to defend yourself?  Heavens, NO!  It’s a right and a gift given by God.

From Fox News

Gang of bikers attack driver in front of family after high-speed chase

An unidentified 33-year-old man was attacked in front of his wife and child in New York City after his vehicle reportedly was pursued by a gang of motorcyclists in a high-speed chase.

A video apparently taken by one of the bikers shows the gang surrounding the man’s Range Rover SUV on Manhattan’s West Side Highway Monday afternoon, the New York Post reports.

New York Police said the altercation began when the man called 911 to report the bikers driving erratically on the highway, NBC New York reports.

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