This was just received from the western states director of Oathkeepers, John Mackey.  Go to the Washington Post link below and see how your representatives stand on Syria.  CONTACT THEM and tell them NO on Syrian military intervention.


See the show Highlights and Resources Posting for Episode 13-22  Syria?  Seriously?  Get Prepared Patriots!



The Washington Post has taken a poll of Senators & Congressmen on their stance on striking Syria. See article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/09/05/republican-congressman-withdraws-support-for-syria-strike/?print=1




There are 4 categories in their survey: Against, Lean No, Undecided and For.

Idaho: Sen Risch: Against  208-765-1743   http://www.risch.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email

Idaho: Sen Crapo: Lean No 202-224-6142 or 208-334-1776   http://www.crapo.senate.gov/contact/email.cfm

Idaho #2 (eastern half) Congressman Simpson: Lean No   202-225-5531   http://simpson.house.gov/contact/

Idaho #1 (western half) Congressman Labrador: Undecided.  202-225-6611 or 208-667-0127   https://labradorforms.house.gov/email-me

Please call or email them and voice your opinion.

John Mackey,

Oath Keepers