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RALLY in Review & Redoubt Testiments



04 August 2013



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– Rally Makes The News (and it’s not surprising how they run the stories)

     Group rallies over economy’s ‘inevitable collapse’

     Kansas City Star – ‎Jul 28, 2013‎

     BOISE, Idaho — In a story July 28 about a self-reliance rally in northern Idaho, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Dale Pearce was a former legislator who favored amending the U.S. Constitution. Pearce once lobbied the Idaho Legislature 

     Current, Former Idaho Lawmakers Warn of ‘Collapse’ in North Idaho Patriot Rally

Boise Weekly – ‎Jul 28, 2013‎

     “[The federal government] is empowering tyranny. Rules and regulations are eliminating our freedoms. It’s social engineering.” by George Prentice @georgepren. They like to call themselves patriots. A three-day North Idaho rally, under way in Farragut State 

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