Saturday August 3, 2013  James White  NorthWest Liberty News


Athol, Idaho (NorthWest Liberty News) – Matt Shea is not your typical politician. He speaks openly about his faith, he loves liberty, and he is hated by the SPLC.   But, what truly separates Matt Shea from the ordinary public official is his adherence to the Constitution.  I know that’s a sad commentary, but it’s true.   Matt has, in this writer’s opinion, the “right stuff” that sadly eludes most of those in public service today.  Matt, who stands on his faith first, has consistently spoken truth to power while representing Washington State’s 4th District.  Matt’s truth, firmly rooted in Constitutional principles, is a refreshing change from the” bought and paid for suits” who roam the halls of power today.  So whether you voted for him in the last election, or this is the first time you have heard his name, I encourage you to take 15 minutes, or so, and listen to what Matt Shea has to say.