Guerrillamerica just announced the upcoming (July 1st, 2013) debut of Militia Magazine.  If he can muster the caliber of contributing writers anywhere close to what he’s been writing and posting at, it will be required reading for all patriots; warriors, auxiliary, underground, and political activists/representatives alike.  The tyrants and their henchmen are preparing for something.  Shouldn’t you be?

-John Jacob Schmidt





Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, Militia Magazine is going to launch its first issue on 01 July 13.  I’ve been slow on posting for a few reasons and, in the past few weeks, it’s due in no small part to throwing this together.  The militia movement, I feel, is underserved, and for a cultural tradition that dates back to the 1600′s, there are and have been few publications dedicated to the militia.

I was doing some research for an article and found the history of the colonial militia to be quite interesting. (There’s a really great book called American Insurgents, American Patriots.)  For instance, one of the reasons the militia got a bad rap is because by the mid-1700′s, especially in Massachusetts, the colonies were levying drifters, vagrants, and the otherwise unemployed into the militia for the Indian wars and for expeditions to secure more territory.  At a time when survival was a full-time job for many colonists, not everyone could just leave their farms and enter into a protracted campaign against the Indians.  More often than not, levying a militia member from a town meant that you were taking one man off his one-man farm.

Similarly, those who placed survival and family life ahead of militia skills were found lacking on the battlefield, and that’s apparent by the Patriot’s twenty-five percent casualty rate at Lexington.

A friend of mine who runs a tactical training facility told me that some people he runs through his basic safety course should just not handle a firearm.  Ever.  And if we know that the militia members of the 1700′s didn’t cut the mustard at a time when the musket was a way of life, I shutter to think about the beginning of a domestic conflict where average, untrained masses will arise to protect their Republic, if and when that time comes.

The Patriot movement owes a great deal of gratitude, in my opinion, to those tactical trainers blogging and running courses right now to ensure that whomever they can teach has at least a fundamental knowledge of individual and collective tasks.  These guys served in Tier One combat units, or saw repeated deployments (an SF friend of mine had 10 deployments in seven years, including Ranger Regiment), or served their country in combat.  Shooting and all its tactical cousins are perishable skills and we need to develop and refine these skills until they’re second nature.  Combat is a test and the on-the-job learning curve is vertical.

So with that, I just wanted to introduce everyone to the magazine.  Our focus is on empowering militias to reach out to their communities, to serve like no government agency can or does, and to bear faithful allegiance to their sole purpose: the security of a free state.  I hope you’ll follow along.

In just over a month, on 01 July, the magazine will automagically appear at

Post Script/Update: Yes, Militia Magazine will be a monthly digital publication, free to read on our website.  If you have photos or stories you’d like to submit, or are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please email: submissions (at) militia magazine dot com. If you’re interested in having your militia or company appear in the magazine, email Andy: media (at) militia magazine dot com.