We don’t want to overspeculate, but lets make sure we keep saying ‘Patriot’ just to see if it’ll stick.

Idiot, Wolf Blitzer, on CNN stating that “we don’t want to overspeculate,” about who could be responsible for the Boston Bombings, but only after he made sure he placed a lot of emphasis about today being ‘Patriots Day’ in Massachussettes.  With a name like ‘Patriots.’  Why didn’t you just come right out and say what you wanted to say, and that this was probably the work of the Tea Party.  Next thing you know they’ll want to ban 30 round magazines in response to this.  …if it would save just one life.


The following is from the Charles Carroll Society


Charles Carrol AR MAPBoston Marathon Terrorist Attack 15 April 2013

by Bard of the American Redoubt

What do we know?  Not a lot.  The truth is that I am sure that the authorities know more then they are letting us know, but that even they don’t know that much.  This administration is looking at what information to release, when to push their polices, “let know crisis go to waste.”


What do I think?  This feels like a lone wolf, a guy who has a beef.   Could be more than one guy, but it very easily could be one pissed off person.    Professionals bring in real bombs laced with ball bearings and place them more effectively.  Often the simplest explanation is the most valid.  A single loan wolf who was pissed, created some big pipe bombs put them into backpacks (everyone carries a backpack now-a-days).


The government media will keep pushing what they can.  “…It could be white supremacist…it could be far right extremist…”  Yes it could, but why can’t you say “…it could be violent radical Islamic extremist…”  They can’t even say it.  If you want to watch the news coverage, you will see a lot of that.

imagesI think we can read, but the news has a 24 hour cycle and really know nothing so they are spending 24 hours a day guessing.  Thankfully no T.V. for me, so I just read a few outlets to keep up with that is going on.  I choose not to play their game.  I read what is on Drudge Report and then let the rest go.  The news coverage could (should) go like this “…this is what we know right now, when we know more we will let you know back to your normal programming.”


Some say there is a Saudi national.  However he is “cooperating with law enforcement and claims he has nothing to do with it.”  It looks a bit “strange” that they grabbed the nearest middle eastern man and put him in the hospital.  There is no evidence that he was anything but an innocent bystander.  No one will be surprised if it is not Islam related, but there is no evidence at this time!


I was impressed with the number of people running “toward the sound of the gun fire.”  That was impressive.  People fled the scene, fairly organized.  You didn’t see hundreds of people trampled to death.  As normal the average Joe responded fairly well.

One guy, who was willing to murder innocent people. I am shocked that more of this doesn’t happen.  If we were having serious political violence in this country we would be seeing stuff like this daily.  Pray for the victims and pray that we never have political violence in this country.


Ultra Radical, Left-wing extremist, Chris Mathews Chimes in with ludicrous implications against conservatives:






IT WAS A PREPPER!  (They can their own food!!!  Preppers use pressure cookers!)

We need background checks for pressure cookers, and we need to close the Craisgslist Loophole!  …and lets not forget those 30 round magazines while we’re at it!

I mean, if it saves just one life!