I fell behind on some of my favorite blogs.  I rarely can go a day or two without visiting Paratus Familia blog, maintained by Enola Gay, the quintessential matriarch of the American Redoubt, if there ever was one.  What a true blessing her talent of writing is to me and many thousands of others.  I absolutely loved this article.  It’s so… modern Little House on the Prarie.

Another episode of Little House in the Redoubt.  Enjoy!




by Enola Gay

The-Young-Ladies-of-the-Village-Giving-Alms-to-a-Cowherd-by-G.Courbet-1852Last week, I met a couple of my wonderful friends at a local diner to visit, celebrate a birthday and just enjoy each other’s company.  The three of us have been friends for many years, sharing joys and sorrows,
life and death.  Our relationship’s ebb and flow, have highs and lows, but somehow manage to remain constant and comforting.


As we shared our lives with each other, we laughed and grew solemn and
we encouraged each other in a way that only true bosom friends can.
Others joined us, if only for a moment, to partake of our frivolity and then bustled off, resuming their busy schedules.


As one of my friends noted later, we cut quite a figure, disembarking from the tiny diner.  All of us, in long skirts, hair upswept, wore sturdy, serviceable boots on our feet.  Each lady, unswervingly feminine, carried a weapon, concealed on her person and all of us daintily climbed into mud encrusted 4 wheel drive vehicles.  In the back of each vehicle were multiple gas cans and propane cylinders, a testament to our rugged lifestyles.


And this, my friends, is a perfect picture of the American Redoubt.  The rugged and refined, the prepared and pampered.  We are the Redoubt.   And this is our normal.  We are “Redoubtably Normal”.



To read this and other great insight, encouragement, recipes, and  tips, tricks and observations for American Redoubt living, visit Enola Gay’s ParatusFamiliaBlog.com.

You’ll be blessed!