This is Delta-01 and I would like to tell you about our exploratory trip to the redoubt (ID). We left our home many miles away the weekend before thanksgiving and made the long trip to Idaho. I managed to drive 17 hours the first day (ugh!) and 11 the next to arrive in ID. at 1430 hours. We made contact with a kind and generous redoubter (God bless them) who gave us the cliff-notes on the area. We spent the next few days looking at property with the aid of a laptop, 4g device and Trulia.com. With Trulia you can sort properties any way you like. Our property filters included (5+ acres, $price range, single family framed home, etc). We were able to look at 25 homes in 3 days and spent the last day fishing in one of the many rivers and lakes.

I have to say that Idaho, even in the rain, is an amazing place. I equate the splendor  to Alaska  with regards to the Coeur D’ Alene area. If you are sitting on the fence about moving spend a week up here like we did. I think you will see the value in moving after you make the trip.

I am going to post trip pictures of our stay and home searching. These are just a few of the pictures and places we looked at. Hope you enjoy them.


Are you thinking about moving to the American Redoubt? Check out the “Relocation Resources” we have posted! Hope to see you in the American Redoubt!