I believe that we’ve just witnessed the beginning of the end for our country – some call it murder – others suicide.   You’re right.  We do have a lot to do.

-A Redoubter (in response to the Nov 2012 presidential election)

(the following originally posted on election night, but was mistakenly erased)

Tonight I have a heavy heart, as do all of you.  We are frustrated that our nation has allowed itself to be deceived and has once again voted to place (keep) a Marxist in the highest elected position in our once-great nation.  But deceived or not, the people have spoken.  And as we’ve seen throughout history, sometimes God gives people just what they’ve been asking for… and He lets them have the consequences that accompany their God-defiant desires.  We see the giddy celebrations of the highest profile personalities in our nation at the news of multiple states having chosen to accept homosexual ‘marriage’ (so-called) and the legalization of hallucinogenic drugs.


I’m reminded of the countless stories and testimonies I’ve read, heard, or watched, of survivors of tyranny and oppression from times past.  Each of them stepped forward to tell their horrific stories, and urged us… BEGGED us to “never forget” the atrocities they witnessed and endured, so that we would always remain vigilant.  Their common creed is “Never Again!”  Yet, we never seem to learn.  Well, we haven’t forgotten.  We know the signs of coming danger; of oppression.  We know what to watch for, because we listened to them.  Our voices have been drowned out, however.  Tyranny and oppression is coming.


In the last century:

               400 Million:  Murdered by their own governments

               200 Million:  Murdered by Marxist/socialist/communist regimes


Some of my first-reaction thoughts:

  1.  We have never been in more peril as a nation.  Barack Obama, having been heavily influenced and mentored by known communists and leftist, globalists, has done more to destroy America (and Americanism) in four years than anything the Soviets ever did during the entire cold war.  He will not stop until he has fully implemented globalism and communism in America.

  2. There is now nothing to hold him back from pursuing his agenda of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” into a globalist/Euro trash heap.

  3. I believe he will aggressively pursue economic and anti-gun, anti-family, anti-Christian, and anti-Americanism policies/plans that are DESIGNED to undermine American greatness and exceptionalism.

  4. Having studied history and how tyrants and oppressive regimes rise to power, I understand the possibility (dare I say, probability) of an aggressive and forceful enforcement of acceptance of the new order they have in mind for America.

  5. Americanism must be destroyed in order for their plan to be implemented globally.  The beacon of liberty and the legacy of American freedom offers hope to the people of the rest of the world.  More than that, if America continues to exists, the people of the world see an alternative to necessity of global governance.  That is why the globalists (including Obama) must destroy America.

  6. The people who have hijacked our government, using the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies and police-state legislation as a strategic asset, have been developing the framework for a system to implement total control, by force, over the American people, and especially anyone who would oppose them and their agenda.

  7. This nation has never been so divided, and this is deliberate and orchestrated.  In analysis of internal conflict, multiple indicators exists that would suggest a high degree of probability for a civil war in the not-to-distant future.  Yes, within America.  It is as a tinderbox needing only a spark.

  8. I believe such a spark is all the anti-Americans would need (and may even be ready to provide) to justify the necessity of the heavy-handed, total-control tactics they intend (and are willing and eager) to implement.   They have been planning for it, and the evidence is overwhelming.

  9. I believe that we could be facing an economic, political, and cultural/societal storm of such a magnitude in America that very soon we may not exist as a nation.  Not the American nation that we knew.  I grieve at the thought of our nation’s fate.

  10. I believe that the conditions are such that we could see a Lenin, Mao, Stalin, or Hitler-style tyrannical system rise to power in this country in our (not too distant) future.

  11. I also believe that the roots of this coming oppression are deeply spiritual and satanic.  I stand by the scripture (2 Chronicles 7:14), which says “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  12. I also understand the warnings to Israel, found in the book of Isaiah, and wholeheartedly believe that the consequences of turning against God are as applicable to our nation as they were to the Israelites, should we continue to defiantly shake our fists in the face of God.  I believe we can expect continued judgment against our nation, with increased frequency and severity, such as the droughts that have destroyed many of our nation’s crops this summer, the wildfires that have consumed millions of acres of our nations lands, and the ‘super’ storms that have ravaged our country in the last year.  I believe also that we are in grave danger of the Lord removing his hand of protection from our nation, leaving us vulnerable to terrorist and military attacks from our many enemies.

My Suggestions for Action:

  1. Pray.  PRAY.  PRAY!!!  For wisdom.  For our nation and its people.  For our leaders.  Pray for repentance.  And if they refuse, pray for His provision and protection and that He will give us the  courage to endure in the times ahead.

  2. RELOCATE TO A REDOUBT!  If you cannot move to the American Redoubt, then plan to move to the Southern Redoubt, or the Texas Redoubt, or some other geographical region with high concentrations of like-minded, God-fearing, liberty-loving patriots.  Get OUT of the west coast and northeast states!  If it’s a blue state, leave it while you can.

  3. Become as self-sufficient as possible.  Prepare to logistically be able to provide for your own family first.  Then expand to be able to help others, as your means allow.  If you are not on Ranger Rick’s email list, then let us know by sending us and email.  Type “Ranger Rick” in the subject line and we’ll pass your email on to him and begin receiving regular emails pertaining to self-sufficiency and preparedness.  Also, visit Enola Gay’s ParatusFamilia blog and Survivalblog.com, just to name a couple.

  4. 4.      Prepare to fight. 

    1. Become physically fit, and then maintain/increase your fitness.
    2. Develop/increase your tactical skills:  Take courses, watch tactical training videos, read tactical blogs, articles, books, and then GET OUT AND TRAIN!  Learn from others and then teach others.
    3. Begin networking with other like-minded people, developing network groups, and designate an expert in each field (examples):  Tactical/security, medical, communications, engineering/construction, News & Intelligence, Food production/preservation, History/Education/Constitutional Studies, Biblical studies.
    4. Begin liquidating your assets into tangibles.  Assets you can put your hands on.  Gold, silver, guns, ammunition, tools, etc.  Learn about bartering networks and underground economics.
    5. Identify PROVEN leaders now!  State, local, government and community leaders.  Begin networking with those that you have easy access to.  Encourage them and pray for them.  We will need to back them up when they make a stand for liberty.  They are already accepted, known to the community, and often times, have already been selected (voted in) and have proven track records.  These are what will be accepted as legitimate leadership by late-comers and those watching from the sidelines watching and assessing who’s who, and who they should be throwing their support behind.  Especially identify leaders who have proactively supported or participated in the Tea Party movement, patriot, constitution, 2nd Amendment, or Oath Keeper rallies in the past.
    6. We need your help identifying leadership in your area across the American Redoubt.  Please email us at JohnJacob@RadioFreeRedoubt.comif you know of leaders at the state, county, local, or community level.  Send us the name, title, position and area of:
      1. Leaders who currently or have previously held public office who are known God-fearing, liberty-loving patriots.
      2. Those who have consistent records of defending Americanism and fighting against globalist, statist, liberal anti-American agendas.
      3. Those who consistently support the patriots by speaking at, or attending, rallies
      4. Non-elected community leaders who have made an impact on educating other patriots in our legislative issues, American heritage, constitutional/founding document education, or biblical issues that strengthen Americanism.
      5. Watch the videos we’ve posted over the last couple of months and in recent postings.  Especially, Agenda: Grinding America Down.  Then, go back through the Highlights & Resources Postings to see the supporting videos in the Police State Series on Radio Free Redoubt.
      6. PRAY!

May the Lord richly bless each of you as you make your preparations and your moves to the American Redoubt.  We are going through a move ourselves and empathize with you and the monumental task of relocating and uprooting your homes and lives.  It’s not easy, but is SO WORTH IT!  We continue to pray for those of you in Occupied America, as always.

God bless,

John Jacob Schmidt


Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.

-Thomas Jefferson (1785)