As you all noticed, I was not able to get a show out on the air this past Sunday.


An update:

I was supposed to be prepping for painting (a couple hours) and then leave to prep for the show, leaving Mrs. Schmidt to do the painting at the new abode.


The everything went to… well… the septic system backed up.  My dad came to the (attempted) rescue and after about 12 hours of troubleshooting, digging, scratching our heads, and running in to one frustrating development after another, we discovered we have a SERIOUS problem and will be no small undertaking to repair.  Anyway, that’s where my day went, without a way to break away to even post an announcement.


SO, everything is okay and all else is well in the American Redoubt.  We’re just thanking the Lord this didn’t happen in the dead of winter with carpet, furniture, and the new studio inside.  It’ll all be okay.  It’s just another character-building setback.


It’s only a season!  And it’ll all be better soon.


Please be patient with me as I work my tail off to get everything in order over the coming weeks.

We may have to temporarily suspend Radio Free Redoubt broadcasts through November.  If that is the case, DON’T PANIC!!!  I’m not going anywhere!  I’m just tied up with life right now.