John Jacob did not get in in time to produce the intro to the reairing of Week-9, The Police State: A Nation of Informants.  It’s the second part in a series covering the Police State in America and first aired in the Summer of 2012.


John Jacob will be posting a message tomorrow evening (Monday, 14 October) to give an update on some of the recent developments and some of the information he wanted to discuss tonight.  Keep Checking back, and thank you for your prayers!  Everything is going great… just not as fast as we would like.  But it’s all about the Lord’s timing, and we’re trusting in that.

God bless!

Mrs. Schmidt


Sit back and enjoy!







Highlights & Resources
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– Creation of “Religious Envoy” to Middle East/Asia. No Mention of China Click HERE
– China’s Military Flexes It’s Muscle Click HERE
– Atlas Shrugged Comes To Life! Businessman say’s “I Quit” Click HERE
– Protestant Leader Of Underground Church Sent To Chinese Labor Camp Click HERE
– When Christianity Becomes Fatal Click HERE
– Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack Averted by Tip From Gun Shop Owner Click HERE
– House Panel Approves Broadened ISP Snooping Bill Click HERE

Radio Show Topic Resources:

STASI (East German Secret Police) Arguably the most brutal, far-reaching and oppressive public control and public informant system of all.

Cheka (Later became NKVD –> NKGB –> KGB) Extremely Brutal; Known for Atrocities

Gestapo NAZI German Secret Police

Article: It Can’t Happen Here by Ron Paul

Chuck Baldwin’s EMERGING POLICE STATE page

MIAC Report: Click –> HERE Police Trained That Informed Americans Are Potential Domestic Terrorists

Obama Issues Warning To Police Over Right Wing Extremists: The Guardian

DHS Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups in U.S.

Pastor/College Student Investigated for Terror and Espionage For Talking To Boy Scouts About The Constitution and Bill of Rights: Click HERE

Homeland Security – Blueprint For Tyranny

(Former East German Stasi agent hired by DHS): Click HERE
Ex-STASI Chief Hired By Dept. of Homeland Security? Click HERE

Former KGB heads to Help Spy On Americans: Click HERE

YOU (The New Informant Recruit):

Video Titled: FEMA Partners with Dept. of Homeland Security Training Video
Civilian Terrorist Hunters
“Eyes and Ears of The Nation”:
– Truck Drivers
– Toll Booth Operators Click HERE
– Bus Drivers
– Rest Stop Workers
– Construction Crews

Garbage Collectors Trained By FBI to Report Anything “Suspicious” Click HERE

Homeland Security Trains “Terrorism Liaison Officers” (aka. TLO’s)

Policemen, Firefighters, Railroad Workers, Utility Workers being trained as terrorism officers


Clergy Response Teams (Katrina)


FEMA Pastors (Part 1 of 5 Part Series by PrisonPlanet)