CORRECTIONS!  Attached flyer reflects correct dates/times/locations/descriptions

Pastor and Patriot, John Weaver will be speaking at several locations in the Spokane/Eastern Washington area this week.  It is critical that we, as God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans hear this message.


Please strongly encourage your pastors, community leaders, and elected officials to attend.  This message is timely and very pertinent!

Topics include:

– The Institution.

– Covenantal Nature and Purpose of Government.

– Must We Obey Ungodly Government?

– Is Usurped Authority Legitimate?

– The Pastor as Magistrate.

– Statism is Idolatry.

– A Friend of Christ or Caesar?


Below is a copy of the updated flyer with error corrections to the dates/times/locations.  Also, the PDF flyer is attached for downloading:


 Click to download:  Pastor John Weaver Flyer (4)


Sponsored by:  For more information, contact John Beal 509.326.0171

Interview with John Beal from Sunday evening, 23 September 2012 (Episode 12-34):

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