Thank you all for participating in T-Rex 2012.  This is an opportunity for all of us to test our individual TEOTWAWKI preparedness and disaster response plans.


The ‘Cheat’ online Chat Room during T-Rex is at:

Password is:  Excalibur_TREX2012

This is where participants can check in to coordinate comms with their local area, or across the country/world to coordinate or report on communications and messages.  It’s a chat room designed for folks to verify settings, frequencies, and general help with each other. It’s cheating… but hey, it’s an exercise!


Please remember to reference the AmRRON Communications Plan and make note of the pre-scheduled communications time windows.  All times, unless otherwise indicated, will be in Zulu time, also known as UTC, or Greenwich Mean Time.


Reference the T-Rex 2012 Scenario and Timeline for more detailed information about the ongoing, 3-day exercise.


Please help us measure the success of T-Rex by keeping a communications log, noting the time, Frequency, Mode, and the message, as well as who you received a message from, or who you sent a message to.  All radio contacts, including radio traffic nets that you were able to establish.  and the call signs/pseudonymns of those who participated in the nets.  If you didn’t get a chance to print out copies of the communications log, then use a notepad, but please keep notes.  Thanks.  HAVE FUN!


Visit to access all the T-Rex PDF forms for downloading and/or printing.

God bless, and be safe this weekend.


In Liberty,

John Jacob Schmidt