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05 August 2012

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Sustainable Preparedness 2012  – Spokane Convention Center, September 30th, 2012

Click HERE to learn more! 




Teotwawki Readiness Exercise – 201

          It’s an emergency, disaster-preparedness drill!


T-Rex Scenario and Timeline:

Downloadable PDF:  T-Rex Scenario and Timeline



Starting a local Communications Net (Whether on Ham or CH3 CB, FRS, or MURS).

Script for Net Control Stations

Formal Net Script in PDF:  Net Control Station Script_Formal_Training Exercise

Informal Net guidelines/Script:  Net Control Station Script_Informal_Training Exercise

T-REX 2012 Live Online Chat – It’s up and running now!

(for use with coordinating communications during T-REX 2012)

http://us4.chatzy.com/27001783167589 Password: Excalibur_TREX2012


Communications Procedures

Will be posted on the website this week, in downloadable PDF form


T-Rex 2012

August 10th, 11th & 12th

Are You Ready?

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