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22 July 2012

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News & Commentary:

–  Obama: If you’ve Got a Business – You Didn’t Build That, Somebody Else Made That Happen  WHAT!?!?

Marxist-in-Chief reveals his true beliefs… AGAIN.

http://www.theblaze.com/stories/president-obama-if-youve-got-a-business-you– didnt-build-that-somebody-else-made-that-happen/

– Idaho Entrepreneur Opposed to Obama Harrassed and Persecuted by IRS and Labor Department


– Montana State Senator, Former Navy Seal Positioning to Fight Obama’s Reelection Campaign.


– Boy Scouts reaffirm ban on gays  


To join Boy Scouts of America, go to the Be a Scout web page.






A Tale of Two Crimes (and two outcomes):

1.  An Armed Citizen Was Able To Stop The Attackers  (Perpetrators Shot, No Victims Harmed)

2.  No One In A Theater Was Armed, Except the Attacker (12 killed, at least 58 injured)

71-Year-Old Armed Citizen Defends Victims, Shoots Criminals, At Internet Cafe Armed Robbery




Gunman Opens FIre in Aurora, CO Theater, Killing 12 and wounding nearly 60


– Gunman Opens Fire on Crowded Aurora, CO  Movie Theater


This Is The Gun Used In The Colorado Shooting That Everyone Can’t Believe Is Actually Legal



“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

– John Adams


2nd Amendment Rally in Sandpoint, Idaho (Saturday, July 21st)

Scores of Armed Citizens with Semi-Automatic Weapons in Public Park… No Shots Fired and Not a Single Person Killed or Injured.

Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers captivates a crowd of patriots with history, current events, and a glimpse into our future if we continue rejecting the Constitution and Americanism.  But he just doesn’t point out the problems, he offers solutions.

“We are on precisely the same path as our founding fathers were in 1774”

“What we need in this country is a resurgence of the warrior spirit”

Matt Shea,  Washington State Representative, District-4 (Spokane Valley), lays out the plan for preserving our constitutional rights, and recounts current battles going on in one of the American Redoubt states (WA).

Referring to the enemies of liberty:

“They hate that you live in Idaho.  They hate that you own guns.  …they will come for your guns, and they will come to take your freedom.” 


Matt Shea is a patriot through and through.  He’s a combat veteran and he’s still fighting for American principles and values.  He’s just on a different battlefield.  He’s running for reelection and is deserving of your support.  Whether you live in his district or not, please consider helping out in some way, financially or by volunteering, etc.  You can call or email his office to find out how you can get involved.  There just are NOT enough public servants like Matt around. 

Oath Keeper veterans, young and old, made a showing and affirmed their committment to defend and protect the Constitution and the Republic when the time comes.


Rocky Jordan for Sheriff, Bonner County

Movie: Nullification – The Rightful Remedy 

Communications Resources:

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fldigi – Free download – for most common digital modes, including CW

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