Potlatch, Idaho is trying to build up its guns and ammunition business base


A number of cities across America are trying to curb violence by making it more difficult to get a gun, but elected leaders in Potlatch, Idaho said the more firearms, the better. And guns are giving this historic lumber town a shot at a second chance.

Residents are aiming to turn this old lumber town into a gun town and they’re doing it by poaching so-called “rec-tech” companies from anti-gun states.

PNW Arms recently moved its headquarters from Seattle to Potlatch. The company makes ammunition for theU.S. Militaryand it designed a high-tech bullet that will not immediately lose velocity when it hits water.

PNW officials said Idaho is a perfect fit.

“We have a welcoming, regulatory environment [that] is very favorable to our type of business,” said PNW Arms spokesman William Lyon. “We’re able to bring in staff that is familiar with our kind of work and our supply chain is a lot closer.”

The Idaho legislature passed two laws that protect companies that make guns and ammunition from lawsuits. There are 58 firearm companies manufacturing in Idaho including C.C.I. in nearby Lewiston. Overall, the area is “pro-gun.”

“Every pick up in town, you’ll almost see a gun in the gun rack or something, and people come from out of the state, and within the state, to hunt back here,” said Potlatch Mayor David Brown.

Local leaders added that despite all the weapons in town, gun violence is rare.

The article goes on to claim…

Officials said at least six other gun companies have expressed interest in moving to Potlatch. There are plans for an industrial gun-making park on the old mill site, complete with shops for gun enthusiasts.

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