Even if you do not live in the area mentioned below, don’t think it doesn’t apply to you.  This is creeping into nearly every community across the nation and around the world.  The U.S. however, is a MAJOR target.  The American Redoubt is not exempt.  It’s likely coming to, or is already in, a community near you, or in your own community. If you think you’re exempt because you live out in the country, think again.  YOU are part of the problem that must be dealt with (in the eyes of those attempting to implement Agenda-21).

For our fellow patriots/Redoubters over in the Kootenai County (and surrounding counties/communities), Idaho, the following is an update in the fight against Agenda-21, and the foothold it’s trying to gain in the American Redoubt.  The following was sent in by Leah.



Our next general meeting for those concerned with the implementation of the Unified Land Use Code in Kootenai County will be this coming Monday, June 18th at 7 PM at the Golden Spikes Estates Clubhouse in Rathdrum.  For directions  http://www.goldenspikeestates.com/contactus.php Please forward to those you know that would help us and will give push back to our commissioners who are wanting this. This plan will limit the right, usage and control of our private property throughout the county. The commissioners assure us it will limit us no more than we currently are. Their goal is to have every aspect of what is allowed and what is not, so detailed, there will never be any question or uncertainty. This should eliminate the need for those pesky public commissioner meeting where they have to decide who gets to do what. After they implement this, all will be clear. ULUC will let you know what you are allowed to do and all else will be forbidden. But at least it will be clear. This pesky idea of being able to do with your property what you wish as long as you are not harming others, has got to go. It leaves too much uncertainty, according to our commissioners. They plan on having this approved by the end of the year. The maps will  not be provided to us until the very end, because they know, that is when the resistance will begin.


Come find out what we can do to stop this and what you can do to help. Bring others with you. It will take a lot of us to get them to listen.


The video below shows you how this is Sustainable Development directed by UN Agenda 21 even though our commissioners adamantly deny this or willingly choose to not belief it.


If you wish to do some homework before coming, go to;








Do your own research on Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.


New Video — Agenda       21: How Will It Affect You?

The John Birch Society posted a major, new, 21-minute video, Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?, on YouTube yesterday.

If you like the video, be sure to pass its link on to others.

The tools we have for fighting against Agenda 21 at the local, state, and federal level can be found at our “Choose Freedom — STOP AGENDA 21” web page.

There’s been a new development at the state level in the past few weeks.   Alabama has passed, and the Governor has signed, a binding, anti-Agenda       21 law, SB 477. Click here to see our updated Legislative Alert  regarding asking your state legislators to introduce a similar bill in  your state in 2013.


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