TEOTWAWKI Readiness EXercise


August 10th, 11th, 12th (Fri – Sun)

Are You Ready?

Large-scale, 3-day, Scenario-based disaster/preparedness exercise to practice:

  • Your personal, family, group SHTF plan

  • Redoubt Network & Prepper Communications Plan

  • Grid-down emergency plan

Before you say, “This is awfully short notice,” ask yourself, “how much notice did the victims of Hurricane Katrina have?” Earthquake victims in Haiti? Tsunami Victims in Japan? What would they have given for two months notice?

This is a great opportunity for you to practice your SHTF plan, (coordinated to take place on the same date(s) as many other likeminded patriots, preppers and Redoubters), so you can find out what works (and what doesn’t), what needs to be improved upon. It’s an opportunity for all of us to identify weaknesses and prioritize improvements to our overall plans.

Whether your plan is to bug out (mobile or on foot), shelter in place, activate your group retreat, or take to the high seas or the mountain tops, could you do it right now? What are you lacking? Do you need to scale things down?

Do you have adequate food, water, shelter, medical supplies/training, communications, power/electrical supply, fuel, etc?

Could you communicate with others, inside your group and outside your group? Could you hear important information updates being put out by other likeminded preppers/patriots/Redoubters, or would you be out of the loop?

Does your plan WORK?


More to come in the coming days/weeks. Stand by…


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