This was allowed to take place in a venue where high school students were the main audience.  You really can’t be shocked when someone like this spouts these kinds of views.  That’s what they do.  Are you surprise when a dog returns to its own vomit?  Where the failure is, lies in the so-called adults who scheduled and permitted this pathetic individual to go on a God-hating diatribe to our nation’s children.  Shame on them!  And how sad the applauses are.

But, may the Lord bless those young people who had the courage to get up and walk out, inspite of being chided and bullied by the speaker.  The same speaker who touts his campaign against bullying.  … and they call Christians hypocrites.

Get your kids OUT of the public school system!

 Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project, was invited to speak as a keynote speaker at NSPA/ JEA’s annual High School Journalism convention, Journalism on the Edge.

 WARNING:  Graphic and offensive language