by Enola Gay
Originally posted at the  Paratus Familia blog.  All credit is due to her … and the Lord.

Prepping can be overwhelming.  As a woman, there are times that I think the majority of our preparedness efforts fall squarely on my shoulders.  I make the lists, I stock the buckets, I keep the budget and rotate the inventory.  I do a million little things that will ensure that my family will be well taken care of in the event of a collapse.  And, I have to admit, I have been tempted, once or twice, to wonder what my husband does other than buy the cool gadgets.One day, as I pondered these thoughts, it struck me.  I am performing the duties of the Proverbs 31 woman.  I am managing my husbands estate and taking care of my family.  I am ensuring that I can laugh at the days to come by carefully planning and managing our preparedness efforts.  I am seeing the signs of the time and acting in wisdom.  But my husband’s day is coming.People naturally gravitate toward authority.  When there is a fire or a car accident, the fire department is summoned.  When crimes are being committed, the police are called.  In the event of a medical emergency, doctors are sought.  People have a natural need to be directed and cared for.  And it is what we are used to.  Who are people going to seek when the grid goes down?  My husband.  And if you are preppers, your husband.  They will seek those that appear to have a handle on the situation.  They will come in groups, they will come one by one, they will coming running and they will come walking.  But they will come. They will need to be fed.  They will need to be cared for.  They will need to be led.  They may need to be dispatched.

Preppers will be thrust into positions of leadership, either willingly or reluctantly.  They will be the Moses’ and Abrahams’ of this generation.  And they will lead well or lead poorly, but they will lead.  The weight of the world will truly be on their shoulders.  Not only will they be tasked with leading the masses into the future, they will be responsible for the direction of an entire society.  They will take their positions in history standing beside the patriarchs of old.

As preppers, we not only have to prepare our stores in abundance, we have to prepare ourselves for what the future holds.  Part of that preparation must be readying for the role of leadership.

One of the most difficult tasks the leaders of our families will face is conducting charity.  Who do they help?  How do they choose?  Do they run everyone off or take anyone in who is in need?  If you have been a prepper for any length of time, these are questions that you have grappled with.  So have Sir Knight and I.  Finally, we decided to go to the Bible to seek the answers …

Enola Gay goes on to point out that there are those who we MUST help, and there are those who should not be empowered or rewarded for their “foolishness.”  She does an amazing job of pointing out the necessity and role of the leader in the times ahead.  Whether voluntarily, or reluctantly, some will be required to lead.  Is it YOU?  If not, will you stand behind those who ARE?
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