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This was sent out in the Survival Mom‘s Newsletter. There are some great tips in these articles below! These are her Top Ten Guest Posts Ever!


You’ve seen the names: Liz Long, Leon Pantenburg, Lisa Todd, and others.  These are some of the many guest bloggers who write articles for TheSurvivalMom from time to time.  They share their experiences and expertise, and I thought my newsletter subscribers might like to read the most popular articles ever written by these writers.
Enjoy these gems!

Whole grains magic-by Chrystalyn Trimble

Survival skills I learned in Scouts-by Lucas

Dutch Oven Survival Kit– by Leon Patenburg

Prioritize your preparedness purchases– by Liz Long

28 Survival spices and oils-by Kelly Estes

Do you have the skills to survive a Depression-by Lisa Todd

Survival skills for the man of the house– by Leon Pantenburg

Add a cheap, reliable firemaking system to your survival kits– by Leon Pantenburg

What is money when the system collapses?-by Mac Slavo

You might be a survivalist if…-by Bob Mayne

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