An excellent and thorough contribution to SurvivalBlog by Hammer, the below article covers the following:
  • Philosophy of Prepper Communications
  • FRS & GMRS
  • Citizen Band (CB)
  • Ham Radio (HF, VHF, UHF)
  • Shortwave Listening
  • Scanner Listening
  • Antennas
  • Cell Phones
  • Additional Notes By James Rawles
  • Mulitple Reference Links Included
I recommend copying/pasting the article into a word document and printing a hard copy for your prepper communications binder.
In the words of the fictional character Jeff Trasel from the novel “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse”: “If you don’t have Com, you don’t have jaaack“. The subject of radio communications as it relates to Prepping is an often misunderstood topic. Understanding radio communications issues can also be confusing, complicated, and daunting for the newcomer. There is a lot to know about the subject, and speaking as one that has spent a good part of his life experimenting with radio communications, it seems that the more I learn about radio communications, the more I learn how much I have to learn! In this article I would like to share much of the information that I have gleaned about radio communications technology and it’s applications. I will attempt to present this article in a way that the reader can glean real world applications, and in a way that it is easy to understand for the novice.
“…Also, remember that is always possible that organized adversaries may utilize FRS radio equipment to coordinate their attacks, assaults, and other activities. In the event of a crisis, it would be of great value to have the ability to constantly monitor the FRS channels for this type of activity. Obtaining this communications intelligence (COMINT) could keep you and your family safe and could give you the early warning you need to prepare for an imminent an assault.”
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