Amazing insight from Enola Gay, once again.  As a Christian, I’ve often wrestled over storing up provisions, not just for my own family, but for charity to help others in need.  It’s not that I don’t want to help others.  I’ve just struggled over what to do about others who didn’t take the time to prepare ahead of time.  Am I supposed to just freely “give?”  Could that make me a magnet for over-eager “needy” people who learn quickly that they can come to me for help, repeatedly, and potentially telling their friends and loved-ones about their newly-discovered source for handouts?  That could deplete my provisions in no time.  I’ve resolved to never give “till it hurts” my own family — the family God has blessed me with and for whom I am ultimately responsible.  And that means not only for feeding them and providing for them, but for protecting them from harm.  Enola addresses this dilemma from a Biblical point of view, which makes it sound TEOTWAWKI economic policy as far as I’m concerned.
A lot has been written about charity during a time of crisis.  Most of us believe in storing extra, with the express purpose of sharing our subsistence in times of trouble.  Many have put food and equipment away for family members that don’t yet see a need.  Others make it a habit to stock extra supplies for whoever they may encounter.  But where does charity end and TEOTWAWKI Economics begin?Recently, as I was making my way through Genesis, I found the answers to the questions of TEOTWAWKI Economics

   Read her wonderfully done analysis and commentary of Genesis 47:14-21
Realizing that the economies of a post-TEOTWAWKI world will be greatly changed from our current economies, we should be spurred into action.  Prepare yourself not only to survive the coming storm, but to meet the new world with wisdom and understanding.   Supply your larder with food, your magazine with ammunition and your mind with understanding.  Only then will you truly grasp the impact of TEOTWAWKI Economics.
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She sure is using the gifts and talents the Lord gave her.