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Opsec and You

OPSEC, We all talk about it, but do you practice it? What about your family do they? Do you know that you are being watched? Not by “Big Brother” or “Little Sister”, but by thieves. Yes cooks. You don’t see them but they sure are watching you. Your every move.

Think about it. Here in Central Florida a family from the U.K. found out the hard way. They stopped at a local restaurant for dinner as it was their last night here before returning home. They did what LEO’s have always told people to do, put your valuables in the trunk of your car. They did as they should have. But they were being watched by thieves. You guested it, just as soon as they went inside, pop went the trunk ,and faster then you can say no shit, gone in the night. Money, passports, travel doc. gone.   

They had to stay another 24 hrs, but they got travel docs from the Embassy, and returned home. I was told once by a gang banger, that he targets tourists. Why, because they are on vacation, that was the only reason.
Last night i had to run to the store around 10:30pm. While walking by a gift shop near our house I noticed a guy hanging out in the parking lot, but by some bushes. He was playing with a polo shirt, wrapping his hand around it.
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