Chaplain Mick just posted an excellent biblical example of the people rising up and resisting a tyrannous king.  And he includes a message to all you heads of household.  A call to action that I think is prudent and appropriate.
Excerpt from Chaplain Mick’s Blog:
The state of America is bad and getting worse. Our government is spending our posterity, our children and children’s children, into oblivion. Peaceful means of complaint and the political process have thus far done nothing to stop this out of control socialist oppression.

Husbands, Fathers, heads of households, it is time to Redoubt, to return to your tents, to focus on getting your house in order in preparation for what may come!

1. Get your spiritual house in order!
2. Get your financial house in order.
3. Pray about all areas of your household, spiritual, economic, educational, health and wellness, safety and security, etc… Determine God’s will for your family. This may mean voting with your feet, uprooting your family, whatever, be obedient to God’s call on your life.

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