From The Woodpile Report

Letter about an essay on government spying – It is important to remember the PSYOPs of the secret police in communist East Germany, the Stasi. They tried to intimidate the citizenry into submission by implying that they had a dossier on every citizen. After the collapse of European communism it was found that they only had dossiers on the most influential 10% of the population. This essay could unwittingly be fueling that type of PSYOP, with the subtext being, “Don’t even try to defend yourself. We know everything about you so put down your weapons and kit and hand over your survival rations”. Woodstove in Oz, comment at 

Note from JJS – Remember that with today’s technology it is quite easy to gain information on you, regardless of how many countermeasures you take.  Just remember that it works in their favor if you get to the point when you say, “What’s the use?  We’re screwed.”  It’s a valid argument when someone makes the point that the government isn’t as all-knowing and all-powerful as they would like you to believe.  Don’t underestimate it, but don’t let it strike fear into you whenever you have a “conservative” thought.  Historically, tyrannous governments have always projected themselves as being much more powerful, capable, and efficient than they really are.