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 13 November 2011

We’re very sorry, but John Jacob Schmidt will not be available for tonight’s live broadcast.  Also, because of the short notice, we were not able to have someone fill in for him.

However, we will be broadcasting the previously-scheduled “Pre-Show” programs followed by a pre-recorded message from John.

Next Sunday evening he will be covering the topic of “Resisting Tyranny” in depth, so please join us then.  You won’t want to miss it!


Don’t forget to catch the pre-show episodes of Spycast and then gather the family around for an episode of Wall Builders American Heritage podcasts.  Very informative!


NOTE: All Show Times Listed In PACIFIC TIME ZONE

      Spycast from the International Spy Museum
   Social Media: Tools of Liberation or Repression?  (28:19)
      Wall Builders Live – American Heritage Series
   –  American Heritage Series: How Pastors Shaped Our Independence – Part 1 (27:00)

7:00pm Brief Pre-recorded message from John Jacob Schmidt.
Week 22 Resisting Tyranny POSTPONED until Sunday, November 20th.
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